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Child Protection and other policies

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Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice – Pentland Junior Singers Parental consent for those under 16 is required to participate in our activities. As such we do not knowingly collect personal information directly from children under the age of 16. Young people aged 13 and older have the same rights over their personal information as adults. Where a person with parental responsibility provides us with the personal data of a young person aged 13 or older it is with the knowledge and consent of that young person. Purpose of this Privacy Notice The Pentland Junior Singers (the “Juniors”) are part of the Pentland Singers (the “Choir”) who are an unincorporated associated and registered as a Scottish Charity (number SC036364). The Choir will only collect the minimum amount of personal data required for us to administer your child’s membership of the Juniors. The Choir will not share your or your child’s personal data with any other person or organisation. The Choir recognise the importance of your/your child’s privacy and this Notice sets out the way in which the Choir will use, disclose and protect your/their personal information. This means any information that identifies you/your child personally, such as your name, address, email address or telephone number. The Choir is the data controller, because we decide how your data are processed and for what purpose. The Information Commissioners Office does not require the Choir to become a registered data controller as we only use information for the purposes of the administration of your child’s membership of the Choir. Why we collect and process your personal data The Choir will collect on the annual membership form: •Child’s name and your name •Your/your child’s Address •Your telephone number •Your email address •Emergency contact information •Information about any medical condition or additional support need that your child has and you consider the Choir should know about for the purposes of safety and wellbeing at rehearsals and concerts. The Choir collects membership information for the purposes of (i) recording your child as a member of the Choir (ii) ensuring membership fees are paid and (iii) ensuring their safety and wellbeing. The Choir will use your details solely for communications regarding Choir business. The Choir processes your/your child’s information in the course of its legitimate activities, with appropriate safeguards in place, as a not-for-profit body and on the basis that our processing relates solely to members, former members or people who have regular contact with us, and that this information is not disclosed to any third party without your consent. Concert programmes – by being a member of the Juniors your child will participate in our concerts. We will publish your child’s name in each concert programme. We have a legitimate interest in recognising and praising the participation and hard work of the Juniors. Medical information is collected for the purposes of protecting members and maintaining their safety, health and welfare. This will only be shared with members of the emergency services if we cannot contact you and only for the purposes of immediate medical treatment. This data is always held securely and we will only ever collect information that is relevant and necessary. What do we do with your/your child’s personal data? We process your/your child’s personal data in strict confidence. We keep your/your child’s personal data securely in our filing and electronic systems. We will usually keep any personal data we hold about you/your child for one year after our last contact with you before we securely delete it. Photos/videos of your child Sometimes we take photos during rehearsals to record standing positions in preparation for concerts. We have a legitimate interest in recording concert positions. Photos taken for this purpose will be deleted once positions have been noted in writing or the concert has been completed. We will only take and publish photos or videos of your child and their performance if you (and your child if aged 12 or over) have signed a photo consent form. What are your rights with respect to the Personal Information we hold? You have legal rights in respect of the personal data we hold about you/your child. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published . The rights that are most relevant to the way in which we use your personal data include: •The right to be informed about how we use personal data – this privacy notice gives that information •The right to object – if you object to us processing your/your child’s data we will then stop doing so, •The right of access – if you ask us for the personal data we hold about you/your child we will provide it within a month, free of charge. •The right to rectification – if you ask us to correct personal data about you/your child that is inaccurate or incomplete, we will do so within a month. •The right to erasure – also known as the ‘right to be forgotten’. If you ask us to delete your/your child’s personal data, we will do so if there is no compelling reason to continue processing the data. Privacy Policy Updates We reserve our right to make any changes and updates to this privacy policy without giving you notice as and when we need to. Our most up to date privacy policy is always available on our website. Contacting us: Last updated: January 2024

Behaviour Policy

We expect a level of good behaviour and ask that you discuss this with your child. The emphasis is on a fun session, but constant interruption and not listening spoils the musical opportunities for all. If it becomes apparent that a choir member is displaying unacceptable behaviour we will initially talk to the child and if necessary inform their parent or guardian at the end of the evening or by email. Sanctions will include excluding the child from the subsequent evening, not being able to perform in concerts or asking them to leave the choir.

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Child Protection Policy

We acknowledge, in carrying out our purpose, our duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people aged under 18 years and we are commited to ensuring our safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, goverment guidance and complies with best practice.

Photography and Social Media Policy

From time to time we take photographs of The Pentland Junior Singers at rehearsals and at concerts. These are used on the Pentland Singers web site and may also appear in local newspaper articles. Any parent/guardian who objects to photo’s of their child being used should inform the Junior Choir Co-ordinator in writing.

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