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Child Protection and other policies

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Behaviour Policy

We expect a level of good behaviour and ask that you discuss this with your child. The emphasis is on a fun session, but constant interruption and not listening spoils the musical opportunities for all. If it becomes apparent that a choir member is displaying unacceptable behaviour we will initially talk to the child and if necessary inform their parent or guardian at the end of the evening or by email. Sanctions will include excluding the child from the subsequent evening, not being able to perform in concerts or asking them to leave the choir.

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Child Protection Policy

We acknowledge, in carrying out our purpose, our duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people aged under 18 years and we are commited to ensuring our safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, goverment guidance and complies with best practice.

Photography and Social Media Policy

From time to time we take photographs of The Pentland Junior Singers at rehearsals and at concerts. These are used on the Pentland Singers web site and may also appear in local newspaper articles. Any parent/guardian who objects to photo’s of their child being used should inform the Junior Choir Co-ordinator in writing.

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